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Summer School is POSTPONED until 26 June - 3 July 2021

Read the letter from Murshid Saadi here

When you have checked out the costs and accommodation options, and any financial help, please

in order to secure your place.


Our pricing is in two parts: (1) accommodation and (2) seminar fee

Part 1: Accommodation

All meals are provided as part of accommodation. For 2020 you can choose:

  • omnivore (with meat)
  • vegetarian.
  • vegan
  • non-wheat, non-gluten
  • dairy-free

For accommodation, you can choose:

  • a shared bedroom, sharing with between 1 and 4 other people, allocated according to demand and time of booking: cost for one week: between 395 and 425 euros, depending on facilities (please note, we do not have any single rooms available)
  • a mattress in a dormitory, with up to 19 other people: cost for one week 325 euros
  • a camping place (please bring your own tent): cost for one week 325 euros

Financial help is not usually available for any accommodation costs.

Part 2: Seminar Fee

The seminar fee covers the costs of providing the summer school, including teaching costs and necessary expenses.

Discretionary financial help may be available for some seminar fee costs – [see below].

Seminar fees:

  • one person: 410 euros
  • a couple (living at the same address): 770 euros
  • Young adults:
    • aged between 18-22: 265 euros
    • aged under 26 and in full time education or professional training: 190 euros
  • early booking discount, if we receive your deposit of 250 € in our bank by 1 March:
    • 50 euros (single person)
    • 100 euros (couple)
  • participants from Russia please email

You can also make a donation to support those who may benefit from financial assistance, particularly the next generation of participants who will carry forward the sufi message.

Financial help

We offer scholarships for financial assistance.

1. Youth scholarships offered by Sufi Ruhaniat International

Funding may be available from Sufi Ruhaniat International: see a general overview of the fund here:

Apply for a "Youth Scholarship" (age 18-25), or for a "Young Leader Scholarship", here.

This is independent of the summer school, but may provide you with funding for participation at our event.

2. Scholarship for financial assistance

You can apply for assistance with the seminar fee, using the financial assistance request form here.
Please provide information to help us allocate scholarships based on need and likely benefit. Please state how much you can pay, and how much support you are requesting.
Our funds are limited, but we will aim to confirm within a few days if we are able to offer you financial support.

We are not able to offer help with travel costs.

When you have checked out the costs and accommodation options, and any financial help, please

in order to secure your place.



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