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Proitzer M�hle
Proitzer Mühle

SUMMER SCHOOL 2017: 24 June-1 July

The Seed of the Seed: Return to the Heart of Compassion

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"The Upanishads say that within the heart is a tiny seed, smaller than the grain within the barley corn, yet larger than the universe. Those who have known the awakening of heart may find that there is something very tiny within the body, which, when touched, is a magic key to everything in the universe."
--Murshid Samuel Lewis

"Lovers of God, immersed in love, often do not know how much power is pouring through them. They may be unaware of it and the more unaware, often the greater the power."
--Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

2017 programme will include:

  • Introduction to the Sufi path and to the lineage of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, Hazrat Pir Samuel L. Lewis and Hazrat Pir Murshid Moineddin Jablonski.
  • A variety of classes: for those already on the Sufi path, including Sufi guides, as well as for those exploring taking up Sufi practice.
  • Guided retreat processes using Dances of Universal Peace, meditation, Sufi zikr and wazifa (mantric practice), walking concentration, body awareness, Sufi Soulwork, Sufi healing practices, silence, poetry and Sufi stories.
  • A wonderful way to experience and share practices with the main Ruhaniat Sufi guides from Europe.
  • A beautiful venue in nature, comfortable accommodation, and healthy food catering to a variety of diets. Experience our Sufi Café atmosphere on the terrace of Proitzer Mühle.
  • Joyous community with seekers from a dozen countries and languages - eating, dancing and praying together.

This year we are grateful to have as a special guest teacher Murshida Tasnim Fernandez, with whom I began the International Dances of Universal Peace Network in 1982. We will focus this year on ways to revivify our spiritual practice, to return to the sense of joy, purpose, hope and empowerment that we felt when we began the path. This is what the 13th century Sufi Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi calls, the 'root of the root,' or the 'seed of the seed.'

Where are we going, and why? What is our essence as fully human beings? What are our limits? What was the first spark that led you to the path? We will explore all of this through our lineage teachings, including that of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel Lewis, Murshid Moineddin Jablonski, Mevlana Rumi and all of the prophets, saints and masters of all times, male and female, who inspired them. Dances, Walks, wasifa, meditation at the heart of our transmission. Other offerings will include: Murshid Samuel Lewis’s “The Perfection of Heart” and “Karuna Yoga Gita,” "Cosmic Language and Healing," "Sadhana, the Way of Accomplishment," "The Smiling Forehead," "The Path of Initiation," "The Inner Life," and much more.

As before, our annual Summer School will feature classes for both beginners as well as experienced students on the Sufi path. You can expect: meditation, spiritual practice, Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi zikr, walking meditation, Sufi stories and deep community with seekers from across Europe and the rest of the world. Join us!

With: Murshid Tansen, Murshida Sophia, Murshida Baraka, Murshid Saadi, Khalif Jelaluddin, Khalif Wali, Sheikha Arienne, Sheikha Alima, Sheikha Rahmana, Sheikha Natalia.

"There is nothing but Love, and if we feel the brief crucifixions that improve our fana let us keep Allah foremost in our heart-breath. It is all a process, at once enlightened and eternal, and also a gradual awakening according to our innocence, strength, purity and love. But until these latter become entirely of Allah, instead of “ours,” there will be more need for some little pain. Also, the world's condition is being poured through the kidneys of our hearts. Why should it be otherwise? We asked for this before the beginning of time. Now let us be who we are."
--Murshid Moineddin Jablonski


Our summer school is dedicated to the service of peace and for the benefit of all living beings. Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (1896–1971) was a mystic schooled in both Zen and Sufism, recognized as a teacher in both traditions, who felt that spirituality should be a matter of living experience, not concepts or theories. His spiritual successor, Moineddin Jablonski (1942–2001) believed that spirituality was not fully realized until fully embodied, with all elements of the personality – light and dark – included in a life of joy and compassion. Both lived and taught in the tradition of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882–1927), who brought a form of universal Sufism to the west. On this path we recognize and honour equally all the different spiritual traditions of the world.

Circle of dancers

If you wish to explore or deepen in the Sufi path, the Summer School is a great place to be. The wide variety of classes as well as the relaxed, informal atmosphere and sharing with people from many different lands is invigorating and uplifting. Here you can find depth in the practices, guidance and a company of fellow travellers with open hearts and arms ready to embrace you.

Join us. We look forward to sharing with you!

Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz, Director.

Classes offered in 2017

Murshida Tasnim Fernandez

Main class:

Murshida Tasnim Fernandez (USA)
& Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz (Scotland)

The Seed of the Seed:
Return to the Heart of Compassion

Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

We will dive into some of the big questions that center our concerns about our joy and purpose in life. Where are we going, and why? What is the essence of a human being? What are our limits? What was the first spark that led you to the path?

We will explore all of this through our lineage teachings, including that of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel Lewis, Murshid Moineddin Jablonski, Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, Mevlana Rumi and all of the prophets, saints and masters of all times, male and female, who inspired them. Dances, Walks, wasifa, meditation at the heart of our transmission.

Class for Sufi initiators with Murshida Tasnim and Murshid Saadi (by invitation only)
Unveiling the Activities of the One :

In this class, for Sufi initiators and those in training (by permission only), we explore issues related to continued deepening in our own practice, guiding others and discovering ever more mature ways to reinvent the mureed-guide relationship for the 21st century. We share more advanced practice related to our own growth as well as those that help bring us together as a community of those in service to the Real. Some special focus this year: Hazrat Inayat Khan’s "The Soul Whence and Whither," Murshid SAM’s writing on transmission and tassawuri, and ways that initiators may assist mureeds in the unveiling of the Names that appear from within their own souls.

Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen

Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen (Germany):


Living from the Inexhaustible Wellsprings of the Heart

"When the Divine love enters the heart it brings all joy, all happiness, nourishment and refreshment." Murshid S.A.M.

Remembering our "original inner spark" we will renew our willingness, to walk the path of the heart with full faith in the Divine guidance: with inspiring heart-practices from the paper of Murshid S.A.M.: "Perfection of the Heart." Murshid Moineddin's saying: "The breath is enough - the heart is enough - the eye is enough, the atmosphere is enough" will also help us transform resistances and hindrances to compassion, courage and strength so we can become fully human, for the benefit of all sentient beings. With meditation, breathing and walking practices, zikr, wazifa, Dances, Soulwork, stillness.

Murshida Baraka von Kügelgen

Murshida Baraka von Kügelgen (Germany):

Cosmic Language – Searching for the Traces of Blessing and Healing

In his commentaries on Hazrat Inayat Khan's “Cosmic Language,” Murshid SAM encourages us in a variety of ways to go in search of subtle vibrations all around us, full of the blessings of "healing, love, joy, cosmic magnetism and living light.” Among other things, we will focus on healing places in us and and in our outer world using different methods and practices, like the Healing Ritual in Places of Great Suffering.

Murshid Tansen Philip O’Donohoe

Murshid Tansen Philip O’Donohoe (England)

Karuna Yoga Gita – The Song of Compassion.

Karuna Yoga Gita, a most beautiful poem of Murshid SAM, is also a series of clear, practical and poetically expansive instructions for ever-deepening the stages of heart meditation. Compassion comes with the increasing expansiveness of the heart. This is a path of Absorption-though-Love. In this class we will explore in depth the methods given by Murshid as well as the further embodiment of these practices through dance, walk and somatic awareness.

Khalif Wali & Sheikha Ariënne van der Zwan

Khalif Wali & Sheikha Ariënne van der Zwan (Germany)


The Purpose of Life:
Toward our longing in Life

In his talks, Hazrat Inayat Khan addressed several times our purpose in life and every time he starts with our longing. In his earlier lectures, he refers to the standard Indian goals in life. Later, he internalizes these goals, coming to his own unique set of internal goals for the spiritual traveler and talks about our deep longing and search, unconsciously or not, for life and life energy, for love, joy, insight and knowledge and for peace. This way, this theme offers us a unique look into Hazrat Inayat Khan’s way of working, changing all he learned and adapting it to his growing insight and his Western audiences. Each day, we will address one of these items, guided by his writings and the teachings of his student Murshid Samuel Lewis.

Sheikha Alima Stoeckel

Sheikha Alima Stoeckel (Germany):


Initiations of Love

"Let heaven and earth build a new creation by discovering Your Love within ours". We draw from a rich transmission and share its blessing for an awakened life in the midst of the challenges of our time. The papers "The Path of initiation and Discipleship" by Hazrat Inayat Khan with commentaries of Samuel Lewis provide the basis for living experiences with Dances, Walks, meditations, Soulwork and sharing.

Sheikha Natalia Lapteva

Sheikha Natalia Lapteva (Scotland):


Spiritual and Mundane – One Life, One Joyful Being

Having stepped on a spiritual path, we sometimes reject our "outer" life, deeming some or other of its aspects as "low" or "crude." At other times, we allow those same things to overwhelm us and forget that through our practices we are equipped with some unique means of helping ourselves in "real world" struggles. Using wazifa, zikr, meditation, spiritual Walks and psychology, we will explore ways to harmoniously blend together our inner and outer lives. Based on the papers/commentaries "Sadhana," "Gathekas for Candidates," "On the Performance of Zikr" of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid SAM.

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany (Germany):


The Smiling Forehead
- Cheerfulness, Surrender and Equanimity on the Path

When the heart becomes the crescent moon, receiving the divine light, our mind is inspired and the soul starts to radiate. A positive attitude towards life together with a good sense of humour keeps the heart alive and increases spiritual magnetism. The more the heart is alive, the greater its capacity to receive and spread blessing. With the tools of our lineage (breath, sound, silence, dance and walking meditations) we will tune our hearts to the divine light and will nourish it with stories of wisdom and humour. We will work around the Proitzer Mühle: near the waters, in the forest and on the meadows under the old oak trees. From "Bestowal of Blessing" (Murshid Samuel Lewis) and "Alchemy of Happiness" (Hazrat Inayat Khan).

"Humour is the sign of light from above. When that light touches the mind, it tickles it, and it is the tickling of the mind that produces humour."

Khalif Hauke Jelaluddin Sturm

Khalif Hauke Jelaluddin Sturm (Germany):


There is no path to happiness.
Happiness is the path, the Buddha says

And how am I travelling this path? Is it possible to walk more consciously, more happily? "The journey we are travelling", says Hazrat Inayat Khan, "is the longest one we ever take in our lives". We will investigate this theme with spiritual walks—of wazifas, planets and tasawwuri. We will also work with practices, sharing, Dances and meditation, all inspired by Murshid Samuel Lewis commentaries on Hazrat Inayat Khan’s "The Inner life".

Director: Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz
Assistant Directors: Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen and Murshid Tansen Philip O'Donohoe
Manager: Edmund Aziz Dixon
Organisational Director: Qadima Sabine Brandt

English-speaking contact for more information about our Summer School: Email

Registration: Qadima Sabine Brandt, Tel. 49-(0)30-47036783. Email:

Proitzer Mühle in North Germany, in the hills of the nature reserve park of the Elbe river, surrounded by forests, meadows and lakes. Proitzer Mühle is an old watermill, whose history goes back to the 14th century. The buildings are on 10 hectares of grounds and have been remodeled to a high standard, with a large, wooden sprung-floor with space for 200 people to dance.

Full transport details will be sent upon registration, and there will be help and guidance for non-German speakers.

Registration information here.

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