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Proitzer M�hle
Proitzer Mühle

SUMMER SCHOOL 2018: 30 June-7 July

Tending the Plant of Life: Through Love, Compassion and the Mystery of Breath

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"There is nothing but Love, and if we feel the brief crucifixions that improve our fana let us keep Allah foremost in our heart-breath. It is all a process, at once enlightened and eternal, and also a gradual awakening according to our innocence, strength, purity and love. But until these latter become entirely of Allah, instead of “ours,” there will be more need for some little pain." - Murshid Moineddin

2018 programme will include:

  • Introduction to the Sufi path and to the lineage of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, Hazrat Pir Samuel L. Lewis and Hazrat Pir Murshid Moineddin Jablonski.
  • A variety of classes: for those already on the Sufi path, including Sufi guides, as well as for those exploring taking up Sufi practice.
  • Guided retreat processes using Dances of Universal Peace, meditation, Sufi zikr and wazifa (mantric practice), walking concentration, body awareness, Sufi Soulwork, Sufi healing practices, silence, poetry and Sufi stories.
  • A wonderful way to experience and share practices with the main Ruhaniat Sufi guides from Europe.
  • A beautiful venue in nature, comfortable accommodation, and healthy food catering to a variety of diets. Experience our Sufi Café atmosphere on the terrace of Proitzer Mühle.
  • Joyous community with seekers from a dozen countries and languages - eating, dancing and praying together.

This year we welcome again as our special guest teacher Pir Shabda Kahn from the USA, an original disciple of Murshid Samuel Lewis and spiritual director of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Pir Shabda will share a class based on one of the deepest teachings of our lineage, Murshid Samuel L. Lewis’ "201 Suras on Breath." The experience of the reality of breath, prana, ruh, chi - underlies not only Murshid SAM’s experience of inspired transmission - ruhaniat - but also grounds all of the mystery teachings of humanity. We all breathe, but how to breathe with love and compassion, under all of the circumstances of life? Pir Shabda and I will also share the class for initiators.

Many classes will place a special emphasis on this theme. Other offerings will include classes inspired by: Pir Moineddin’s Soulwork and "Illuminating the Shadow," on Hazrat Inayat Khan’s "The Soul Whence and Whither" and "The Art of Personality," on healing and "Mental Purification," on Murshid Samuel Lewis’s teaching on Zikr, on Walks…… and much more.

As before, our annual Summer School features classes for both beginners as well as experienced students on the Sufi path. You can expect: meditation, spiritual practice, Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi zikr, walking meditation, Sufi stories and deep community with seekers from across Europe and the rest of the world. Join us!

With: Murshid Tansen, Murshida Sophia, Murshida Baraka, Murshid Saadi, Khalif Jelaluddin, Khalif Wali, Sheikha Arienne, Sheikha Alima, and Sheikha Rahmana.

"Self-consciousness and thought are the two great obstacles to knowledge. Thought may readily precede action, which is a giving out, an evolutionary process, a movement of expansion, nasoul. But learning through the breath is like reading, only instead of looking upon a printed page one has to glance directly upon the Book of Life." - Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

"It is harmony between breath and breath which brings harmony between people. This comes most easily through music and dancing, through concentrating on a common subject, through personal agreement or through having the same or similar ideals. All these produce consonance of breath and harmony between personalities. Therefore all are employed by the Sufi schools in their spiritual instructions."
- Murshid Samuel L. Lewis


Our summer school is dedicated to the service of peace and for the benefit of all living beings. Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (1896–1971) was a mystic schooled in both Zen and Sufism, recognized as a teacher in both traditions, who felt that spirituality should be a matter of living experience, not concepts or theories. His spiritual successor, Moineddin Jablonski (1942–2001) believed that spirituality was not fully realized until fully embodied, with all elements of the personality – light and dark – included in a life of joy and compassion. Both lived and taught in the tradition of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882–1927), who brought a form of universal Sufism to the west. On this path we recognize and honour equally all the different spiritual traditions of the world.

Circle of dancers

If you wish to explore or deepen in the Sufi path, the Summer School is a great place to be. The wide variety of classes as well as the relaxed, informal atmosphere and sharing with people from many different lands is invigorating and uplifting. Here you can find depth in the practices, guidance and a company of fellow travellers with open hearts and arms ready to embrace you.

Join us. We look forward to sharing with you!

Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz, Director.

Classes offered in 2018

Pir Shabda Kahn

Featured Teacher: Pir Shabda Kahn (USA)

Tending the Plant of Life: Through Love, Compassion and the Mystery of Breath

Dance, Walk, practices, meditation inspired by Murshid Samuel Lewis’s deep teachings entitled "201 Suras on Breath." All that he gleaned from his Sufi and Buddhist training is distilled in these papers on the relationship between life, breath, love and compassion.

Pir Shabda Kahn and Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti
Class for Sufi initiators (by invitation only)

Our annual class for Sufi guides and guides-in-training (by permission only). This year we will focus on the stages of a mureed’s growth, the peaks and valleys, and how we can assist them along the path of greatest realization and service to all beings. As tools, we will consider both the handbook for guides as well as “Path of Initiation and Discipleship” by Hazrat Inayat Khan with commentary by Murshid Samuel Lewis.

Murshida Baraka von Kügelgen

Murshida Baraka von Kügelgen (Germany):

Healing with the Pharmacopeia of Sufism

This is what Murshid Moineddin calls the lessons on “mental purification,” with whose help and methodology “mind and heart can be cleansed from all roots, stubble and stones of the disease, and health can be restored on all levels.” In this healing class, we will practice and experience these recipes of “spiritual medicine” (Murshid SAM) in a variety of ways. In addition, we will deepen practising the Healing Ritual.

Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti (Scotland):


Why do we love to do zikr? What does it give us, or take away? What are we really remembering? Is there any way to do it ‘wrongly’? Teachings and practices selected from our lineage: Murshids Moineddin, S.A.M., Inayat Khan and Prophet Muhammad. Zikr and meditation, walking and sitting. Including the original Dervish Dances of Murshid S.A.M. "The inner culture of the Sufis begins with digging the ground [of heart and mind]. Zikr is this digging process. But it is not only the exercise, it is living the life." - Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Murshid Tansen Philip O’Donohoe

Murshid Tansen Philip O’Donohoe (England)

Cosmic Language: Drawing upon the Hidden Power in Space.

This class will focus on Murshid S.A.M.’s Commentary on Cosmic Language of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. Inayat Khan suggests three ways of perception: thought, from the surface of the mind; feeling, from the depth of the heart; and spiritual language, from the deepest depths of the heart, the voice of the spirit. We will explore the subtle vibrations of cosmic sphere through breath, meditation, dance and walk.

Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen

Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen (Germany):


Illuminating the Shadow - Moineddin Jablonski

"Love is the only thing that will change the world." Pir Moineddin is an example of authenticity, compassion and the spiritual realization of Universal Wisdom. He created the Soulwork as a result of his struggle for healing. In the inner garden of our souls we will meet the High Self (ruh, divine source) and our shadow-aspects (nafs). They can be transformed into cooperative members of our inner family for the fulfillment of our life’s purpose. Meditative soulwork, breath, walks, Zikr, poetry, dances, stillness.

Sheikha Alima Stoeckel

Sheikha Alima Stoeckel (Germany):


The Soul, Whence and Whither

Exploration of life’s journey from the  view of a mystic. Following  Murshid’s deep insights and teachings we will take a deeper look at certain stages of the soul’s journey and open a space for direct personal experience.  May it help us to embrace life deeper and value its preciousness! We draw from our rich transmission of spiritual practice, including dances, walks, breath, meditation. We will also learn from each other by sharing our experiences – as souls, experiencing human life in many different ways. Based on “The Soul, Whence and Whither” by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Khalif Wali & Sheikha Ariënne van der Zwan

Khalif Wali & Sheikha Ariënne van der Zwan (Germany)


Character Building and the Art of Personality

Inayat Khan tells us life is a continual battle. So the first thing to do is to make peace with the outside world. This gives us the strength to prepare for our inner journey. Esoteric practices are the water reservoir on this spiritual path. We can use them to strengthen us for our inner journey towards a more beautiful character and personality.

These lectures of Inayat Khan’s are a wonderful introduction to develop our personality so we can be in harmony, not only with the outer world but also with our own inner being.

Khalif Hauke Jelaluddin Sturm

Khalif Hauke Jelaluddin Sturm (Germany):


Breath – Sound, Voice, Rhythm

Through all these forms of expression we will experience and deepen our connection to the source in us and also to the harmony of the cosmos. Murshid SAM says, musical tones carry the magnetisms of the heart. In "The Book of the Jamiat" he inspires us – as Hazrat Inayat Khan does in the rich treasure of the "Mysticism of Sound."

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany (Germany):


Lotus Feet: The Art of Walking

As one of the central tools of spiritual practice Samuel Lewis left us the art of walking in  life through concentration on  rhythm, breath, heart attunement, intention. Our inheritance of the walking meditation as a form of  embodied wisdom helps us to stay centred in life and get to know us better in an experimental, joyful, non-judgemental way. We will experiment and experience together  the different types of walks: centers elements, wazifas and  astrological walks, plus the walks of the masters, saints and prophets. In addition we will spent time with the teachings of Swami Papa Ramdas, Murshid Sam’s Hindu teacher who became a God realised soul on his pilgrimage all over India in  concentrating on the name of God Ram.

Director: Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz
Assistant Directors: Murshida Sophia and Murshid Tansen
Manager: Edmund Aziz Dixon
Organisational Director: Qadima Sabine Brandt

English-speaking contact for more information about our Summer School: Email
Deutschsprachiger Kontakt:

Registration: Qadima Sabine Brandt, Tel. 49-(0)30-470 36 783. Email:

Proitzer Mühle in North Germany, in the hills of the nature reserve park of the Elbe river, surrounded by forests, meadows and lakes. Proitzer Mühle is an old watermill, whose history goes back to the 14th century. The buildings are on 10 hectares of grounds and have been remodeled to a high standard, with a large, wooden sprung-floor with space for 200 people to dance.

Full transport details will be sent upon registration, and there will be help and guidance for non-German speakers.

Registration information here.

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