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Recordings of the 2019 Summer School

Seminarhof Proitzer Mühle

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Initiators Classes (password required)

[Update 11 July 2019: 2019 recordings starting to be uploaded - all Initiators classes now online.
12 July: First Saturday evening uploaded.]


Garden Room
Upper room

7.30-8.00 Michael Ali:
Morning musical meditation.
Qadima: Morning practices  
7.30-8.45 Breakfast - Frühstück


All Camp Session (Hall): Saadi: Original Nature / Unsere ursprüngliche Natur
10.15-10.45 Tea Break - Teepause
10.45-12.00 Tansen: Mysticism and the Elements. Mystik und die Elemente. Sophia: Light upon Light—Divine Spirit and Human Psyche. Licht über Licht—Göttlicher Geist und menschliche Psyche. Baraka & Saadi: Initiators Class. Only possible to attend with permission.
12.15-13.45 Lunch - Mittagessen
15.00-16.15 Wali and Arienne:
The Journey of the Soul.
Die Reise der Seele.
Rahmana: Song of my Soul - Selfcare, Balance, Health.
Lied meiner Seele - Selbstfürsorge, Balance, Gesundheit.
Jelaluddin: Discovering the miracle of life behind the routine of everyday life.
Hinter der Routine des Alltags das Wunder des Lebens entdecken.
16.15-16.45 Tea Break - Teepause
16.45-18.00 Zubin Nur: Walking into our Original Nature. In unsere ursprüngliche Natur gehen. Alima: "I leave your coast as a friend, my earth." "Ich verlasse deine Schwelle als ein Freund, meine Erde". Baraka: Healing of Body and Mind with the Original Purity of the Soul. Mit der ursprünglichen Reinheit der Seele, Körper und Geist heilen.
18.15-19.45 Dinner - Abendessen
Evening Session


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Saturday 29th June 2019

20.15-22.00 Evening session:
  Saadi: Invocations and introduction
  Tansen: Dance: Om Nama Shivaya
  Rahmana: Dance: Ganga Ki Jai Jai
  Sophia: Welcome to people from different countries
  Saadi: Explanations and introducing all the staff teams
  Saadi: Seated chant: Ashem Vohu
  Saadi: Story Part 1
  Wali and Arienne: Dance: Allah Ya Nur
  All: Sing: May All Beings Be Well

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